Boyce Pics


These images are digital images of a random selection of 9 of the photographs taken by Donald Miner in the 1920's and 1930's. Only paper prints exist to this day of his remarkable work, many in less than pristine condition. To my knowledge, no negatives or plates exist, nor is there any definitive knowledge of the processing used to produce the paper prints that exist today (although the Bromide process is the leading candidate), all of which were produced by Donald Miner himself.

Donald Miner was a surgeon on the front lines in France, where he took off his gas mask because he could not see what he was doing in the trenches, and as a result became wheel chair bound. He then started taking photographs as a way to keep his mind challenged. Donald Miner's photographs were widely exhibited in his time, and received multiple awards in the United States and Europe. I will be attempting to produce a complete digital archive of his work that is in my possession, but that will take time. Donald Miner was my mother's father, and Miner is my middle name; John Miner, whose web site business server hosts this web site, is also Donald Miner's grandson. Oh yes, Donald Miner achieved the rank of Major in the Army, making him, of course, Major Miner.

The images here were prepared by photographing the paper prints using Nikon digital cameras (either D70 or D90) at full resolution, with sunlight as the illumination. No Photoshop processing has been done on these images, except for downsizing to make them suitable for viewing on this web site. Please remember these images are only the first trial attempts at proper documentation.

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The Patio Tree




Small Catch

Over The Dune


Grasses and Shadows

Dare We?