Boyce Pics


A pair of trips to the Phoenix Zoo with 2 new lenses (Nikon 18-200mm AF-S VR zoom lens and Nikon 300mm f/4 AF-S prime lens) yielded the pictures below. Check out the whiskers on the giraffes at the bottom.

Just click on any picture to view a larger version or click HERE to see a slide show, or click HERE for the same slide show accompanied by some appropriate music .

This one doesn't bite




Prairie Dog At The Desert Salad Bar

Burrowing Owl

Not Your Typical Scruffy Wild Coyote

Same Here


Ring Tailed Lemurs

Ring Tailed Lemur

This Ain't No Sparrow

Unknown Bird

Unknown Bird

Unknown Red-Eyed Bird

Another Unknown Red-Eyed Bird

Squirrel Monkey

Environmentally Sensitive Squirrel Monkey

Ma Orangutan

Grandma Orangutan

The Inquisitive 1 Year Old Orangutan

Ma Orangutan

Ma Orangutan

The Reflective 1 Year Old Orangutan

The Adventurous 1 Year Old Orangutan

Meerkat On Duty

Meerkats Off Duty

Lion Wonders What The Tiger Is Doing

Tiger Wonders What The Lion Is Doing

Cheetah Doesn't Care What Anyone Is Doing

Unknown Bird


Mom and Child