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March 16-18, 2007

The Looking Glass Workshop was created to explore the unique landscape that is Globe-Miami, Arizona, and was conducted by Bill Woody, a Fine Arts Photographer for over 30 years (click on Bill Woody Photographs). Woody has recently spent 4 years shooting the Globe-Miami area, turning his lens on the landscape, architecture and people of the area. The workshop provided the participants (including myself) the hands-on opportunity to expand our technical understanding of photography at 5 challenging locations (see below), several of which required special access for the workshop participants.

Special thanks to the owners of the Adobe Ranch, Joe, Jill and their son Cooper (aka Coop) Wilson for giving us access to their ranch on Saturday morning; special thanks also go to Toni and Shannon, two marvelous models that Bill and Linda arranged to be on site at the Adobe Ranch. For access to the Old Dominion Mine, a facility that has been closed for many years, we thank the BHP Corporation for granting us access, and Mike Scales for being our tour guide on such a hot day. We also wish to thank Kip Culver, Main Street Director of the Globe Historical District, for being our tour guide of the Globe Arts Center and the old Globe jailhouse. Finally, we wish to thank Shush (aka Bear), TJ, Doshinda and John, local residents, for consenting to be photgraphed (their picture is in the Globe Streets collection).

For the access to the limited access local sites, and for the overall arrangments and joint stewardship of the workshop, we must thank Bill Woody's co-conspirator and organizer Linda Gross, proprietor of the Cedar Hill Bed & Breakfast in Globe, and a professional photographer in her own right, (click on FULLCIRCLEphotoworks) for the overall success of the workshop. Bill and Linda have indicated that they hope to develop this first time workshop into an annual series of workshops exploring the rich images, both past and present, of the local Globe-Miami area.

Please click on the links for each of the 5 locations listed below to view collections of images.

Adobe Ranch

Old Dominion Mine

Globe Arts Center

Streets of Globe

Old Globe Jail

Bill (with Shannon)